Such a way with words, General. #howromantic
Does this count as eating healthy? Am I doing it right?? #rp
If there’s one thing I learned from Harry Potter, it was that every new day is a gift, so make the most of it #potterhead #potterheadsunite
#wbw Chad Michael Murray ♥😍♥
The truest thing I have ever read.
"I ain’t perfect, and I ain’t a saint. 
But if it’s one thing I am, it’s worth it." ♥
Ian Somerhalder is definitely my #wbw 
Green eyes are a total weakness for me but PALE green eyes?? *faints* #sothisislove #canihavehim #please #please #please
"No measure of time with you will ever be long enough, but let’s start with forever." ♥
Happy Independence Day!! ^.~
White boy Wednesday goes to Jay Baruchel ♥
Tall, slim, and awkward is definitely my type, and the facial hair is a plus! 👌😉😁😘😍
#wbw #jaybaruchel
"I may not be brave or strong or smart, but I know love will find a way."
White boy Wednesday goes to Garrett Hedlund 😍😍😍 #wbw #greeneyesaremyweakness #thatsmiledoe
White boy Wednesday goes to Bradley Cooper ♥♥♥♥ #thoseeyesdoe 😍😍😍 #wbw #bradleycooper
White boy Wednesday goes to Chris Pine aka the new Captain Kirk ♥👌😘😍😁😋😉 #wbw #chrispine
Its alive and well, people. And it needs to stop.
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