#wbw Chad Michael Murray ♥😍♥
The truest thing I have ever read.
"I ain’t perfect, and I ain’t a saint. 
But if it’s one thing I am, it’s worth it." ♥
Ian Somerhalder is definitely my #wbw 
Green eyes are a total weakness for me but PALE green eyes?? *faints* #sothisislove #canihavehim #please #please #please
"No measure of time with you will ever be long enough, but let’s start with forever." ♥
Happy Independence Day!! ^.~
White boy Wednesday goes to Jay Baruchel ♥
Tall, slim, and awkward is definitely my type, and the facial hair is a plus! 👌😉😁😘😍
#wbw #jaybaruchel
"I may not be brave or strong or smart, but I know love will find a way."
White boy Wednesday goes to Garrett Hedlund 😍😍😍 #wbw #greeneyesaremyweakness #thatsmiledoe
White boy Wednesday goes to Bradley Cooper ♥♥♥♥ #thoseeyesdoe 😍😍😍 #wbw #bradleycooper
White boy Wednesday goes to Chris Pine aka the new Captain Kirk ♥👌😘😍😁😋😉 #wbw #chrispine
Its alive and well, people. And it needs to stop.

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I literally think I couldn’t care less. A change is needed in present and potential relationships I have. Your feelings? Ehh. Your problems? Whatever. These one-sided relationships are just tiring. I’m not gonna stick around just to carry people’s baggage. Definitely time to figure out who’s for and with me. And definitely time to move on. Definitely. #justathought #truethoughhh
"I am not a word. I am not a line. I am not a girl that can ever be defined."
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